A Talent Based Network of Professionals


The WBC Group provides business, finance, engineering, and other support when companies needs to supplement their core staff.  If your organization has an increase in its work load, or would like a third party review of your business or project, WBC can provide the lessons learned experiences.  

WBC is a network of business and engineering experts that offer their many years of experience and knowledge to enhance our client's business and bottom line.  All of our professionals have 25-plus years in their field of expertise.


When you need to avoid the cost of adding new employees to your full-time work force, The WBC Group can help.  WBC also works with specialty partner companies so that we can provide our clients with the right value-added skills.

Our professionals take great pride in their past experience, talents, integrity and ethical standards while working to fulfill our client's needs.

There are many benefits to outsourcing some of your needs.

Work with experienced people

Avoid the cost of extra full time employees

Save on fringe benefit cost

Avoid the training time and associated expenses     

The growing trend towards using independent business consultants who provide expert services is due to the industry's increased competition and the need to be lean.  Such professionals work on a contractual basis via online electronic communications, or on-site if needed, to handle a variety of functions.  This leaves your company's officials to direct their attention on running the day-to-day business and performing to keep their customers satisfied.
The use of outside professional services amount to overall reduced costs and provide value-added experience to your business.


Whether you are in need of additional support for your business operations, engineering, or other needs, our knowledgeable people and specialty partner companies will be glad to assist you in any way we can.
Some of our services include:
Contract and Subcontract Management
New Business Proposal Support
Negotiations Strategies

Business Operations

Cost Accounting Guidance

Business Expense Control

Cost Benefit Analysis

Configuration & Data Management

Project Risk Mitigation

Analytical Support
Thermal, FMEA, Reliability, Trends, Limited Life
Systems Engineering
Failure Analysis
 Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation & Control
Contract Law
Contractual Terms and Conditions
Government Regulations Guidance and Interpretation



NASA Space Shuttle
Air Force Strategic Missiles
NASA Mars Spacecraft
European Space Agency
Air Force Military Aircraft
Atlas 5 Launch Vehicle
Missile Defense Agency
Commercial Spacecraft
Commercial Space Rockets